Live charts and statistics for elasticsearch cluster.

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In simple words bigdesk makes it very easy to see how your Elasticsearch cluster is doing. Just install it as an Elasticsearch plugin, download locally or run online from the web, then point it to the Elasticsearch node REST endpoint and have fun.

It pulls data from Elasticsearch REST API and turns it into charts.

Don’t forget to check Elasticsearch support matrix to install correct version of Bigdesk.

Elasticsearch plugin

To install the Bigdesk master branch as an Elasticsearch plugin on a particular Elasticsearch node, navigate to the node installation folder and run the following command:

bin/plugin --install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk

To install a specific version (for example 2.4.0) run:

bin/plugin --install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk/2.4.0

Then you can navigate your web browser to http://<elasticsearch_REST_endpoint>/_plugin/bigdesk/

Note that site plugin installation syntax changed a few times for different Elasticsearch versions. For detailed instructions please consult Elasticsearch documentation here for < 0.90.2 and > 0.90.2 or here for >= 2.2.

Download locally

You can either download and extract the Bigdesk archive:

Or you can clone the git repository from GitHub:

git clone git:// bigdesk

Then simply open bigdesk/index.html in your web browser.

Online from the web

You can also run Bigdesk directly from the web without needing to install it. Just select the version you want to use and you are ready to go.

URL parameters

You can use URL parameters to immediately connect to a particular endpoint or set history and refresh interval:

— endpoint

URL of Elasticsearch node REST endpoint (you might want to use URL encoded value). Defaults to http://localhost:9200.

— connect

If set to true Bigdesk will try to connect immediately to the endpoint. Defaults to false.

— refresh

Refresh interval in milliseconds. Defaults to 2000 (2 sec).

— history

How much data in milliseconds to keep in history. Defaults to 300000 (5 min).

For example, to open Bigdesk and have it connect to endpoint with a 3 sec refresh interval use:


Check here about supported URL parameters by Bigdesk 1.0.0.

Web browser support

A modern web browser with SVG support is needed. It has been tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.